Northern lightning at Alnes

Northern lightning at Alnes, Giske. 

Alnes Northern Lightning Giske Sunnmøre Stars

Car lights at Alnes

Car lights at Alnes. In the background you can see the lighthouse. 

Alnes Car Lights Evening Lighthouse Landscape Sunnmøre Giske


Blimsanden Beach, Vigra, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Clean ocean, polished rock and white sand. The photo was taken in the middle of the night. Exposure time: 16 minutes.

Blimsanden Giske Vigra Sunnmøre Coast Seascape Evening Stars Northern Lights


Breisundet (few minutes by car from the center of Ålesund) is the strait where the islands and reefs meets the Atlantic ocean.  

Breisundet Ocean Coast Ålesund Seascape Valderøya Giske Sunnmøre


Stons in the waterfront at the island of Giske. 

Black And White Seascape Ocean Stones Sunnmøre Giske


Sailboats seen from the viewpoint Fjellstua at the city mountain above the center of Ålesund.

Ålesund Sunnmøre Giske Sailboats Coast Seascape Landscape Coast


Blimsanden på Vigra i Giske kommune. 

Giske Kyst.


Breisundet sett fra Tueneset i Ålesund. Høgstein fyr og Godøya sees til høyre. 

Giske Fyr Godøya Kyst